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Award: Computacenter subsidiary cITius is the best Citrix service provider in Switzerland's cloud business sector

Dietikon, 19 March 2018: cITius AG, part of Computacenter (Switzerland) AG, has been awarded the Cloud Business Leading CSP Award by Citrix Systems GmbH". The prize was accepted by Pascal Kaeser, Computacenter's new Head of Sales & Marketing.

In 2017, Computacenter subsidiary cITius was the first Citrix partner in Switzerland to receive the Cloud Business Leading CSP Award in recognition of its outstanding achievements as the best Citrix Service Provider (CSP Citrix Cloud). This marked the first time this award was presented and cITius was selected as a prize winner from among around 300 CSP partners in Switzerland In as early as January, cITius was able to position itself as one of the top three partners in the leading CSP ranking for EMEA, where Citrix has around 3,500 CSP partners.
Mads Skalbo, Citrix EMEA Senior Director CSP: "cITius is a long-standing trusted partner and the first service provider in Switzerland to test our Citrix cloud and successfully acquire customers. We would therefore like to extend our thanks. We particularly appreciate the excellent networking of cITius in the Swiss SME market, the expertise in the cloud business sector, and the professional and managed cloud services." cITius has participated in the development as a cloud CSP with considerable innovative commitment and know-how.

Pascal Kaeser accepted the award on behalf of the Computacenter subsidiary cITius. In addition to his position as Sales Manager of cITius, he is now also Head of Sales & Marketing at Computacenter and member of the management team. "We regard this award as confirmation of our strategy - and, of course, we are absolutely delighted to be among the top CSP partners both in Switzerland and in EMEA. We started developing the cloud business, including cloud services, very early on, especially with our workany® virtual workplace solution."

Kaeser was Sales Manager and member of the Executive Board of cITius, which was taken over by Computacenter on 5 January 2017. With the takeover, Computacenter expanded its own portfolio to include server/storage/virtualisation and cloud solutions as well as IT consulting. Kaeser was initially entrusted with integrating the portfolios of both companies into a uniform customer offering. In his new role, Kaeser is responsible for the further homogenisation of the Sales departments of Computacenter and cITius, the further integration of both portfolios into an offer and the positioning of the products and solutions in the market. At the same time he will work closely with the international organisation of Computacenter plc. and contribute to the expansion of a global portfolio.

Massimiliano D'Auria, CEO of Computacenter: "Pascal Kaeser is a born salesman. Customers and partners appreciate the mix of professionalism and empathy that distinguishes him as a person. He regards business as a sporting challenge, endeavouring to be at the forefront, but always doing so fairly. We also appreciate this nature here at Computacenter." Kaeser's dual function is a logical consequence of the takeover. While cITius remains an independent company, the resources of both companies are pooled in order to optimally exploit synergies: "We promised customers and partners continuity. They will be looked after just as well and by the same staff as before."

Computacenter is ISO certified

Dietikon, 30 November 2017: Computacenter has been awarded ISO/IEC certification by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS).

Computacenter was awarded ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certification by SQS in May 2017. This certification of IT service management systems acknowledges the certified company’s efficient service management and implementation of the good practice ITIL approach. This is concerned with the professional use of methods for the best possible support of business processes by the IT organisation. The certificate attests to future-oriented ITIL implementation and the optimised support of business processes via holistically directed IT service management (internally and through outsourcing).

The ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certificate is internationally valid and is recognised worldwide via the partnership of SQS with IQNet. IQNet is the global network for management system certification and enjoys excellent credibility worldwide. IT providers are certified for a period of three years, and a review is carried out annually. The audit for recertification takes place after three years. Holders of the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certificate benefit from enhanced trust, especially in contact with customers, partners, public organisations and stakeholders.

SQS       IQNet

Computacenter (Switzerland) Ltd is a Titanium Black Partner of Dell EMC. Growth in staff and turnover.

Dietikon, 20 November 2017: Computacenter is now a member of the distinguished and exclusive circle of Titanium Black Partners of Dell EMC in Switzerland. This comes in addition to good growth in staff and turnover – attractive clients have been acquired.

In recognition of their cooperation in the United Kingdom and Germany, Computacenter plc was honoured with the title of Titanium Black Partner at the beginning of the year. The IT manufacturer Dell EMC grants this elite status on merit and solely to strategically important and globally active partners.

Computacenter (Switzerland) Ltd now belongs to this distinguished club. Massimiliano D`Auria, CEO of Computacenter: “While it is possible to qualify formally for the traditional partner levels, this is not the case for the Titanium Black status, which is a discretionary award. This title clearly indicates that our strategy is working. Our global commitment and our presence in Switzerland are clearly highly appreciated.” Titanium Black Partners have special access to Dell EMC’s products and expertise, and receive particularly favourable conditions. Other than Computacenter, only two other companies in Switzerland currently have this status.

D'Auria: “The year 2017 was exciting and successful for Computacenter. Through our acquisition of cITius AG at the beginning of the year, we added the strategically important areas cloud, mobility and security to our portfolio. In this way, we were able to significantly strengthen our position as a general contractor for complex IT projects here in Switzerland – which is also reflected in the hard facts.” Computacenter has established just under 30 new positions, with particular focus on the areas of professional services and project management. Consequently, the office space at the headquarters in Dietikon was significantly expanded. Attractive new clients were acquired from several sectors, such as insurance, industry and banking. Turnover increased by almost 10% despite the erosion in margins in the traditional IT workp business.

Computacenter (Schweiz) AG takes over cITius AG

Dietikon/Wetzikon, 13 January 2017: The Dietikon-based IT service provider Computacenter AG is taking over the majority of shares of cITius AG, a firm specialised in IT solutions and IT consulting. As a legal entity, cITius AG remains an independent company and as before at the Wetzikon location.

Massimiliano D’Auria, CEO of Computacenter reports, “The transaction is a win for both sides. Computacenter is supplementing its own portfolio with the strategically significant areas of Cloud, Mobility and Security. cITius benefits from being embedded in an internationally active group and the synergies derived from this. The company remains an independent firm. Nothing changes for customers, they will be supported just as well as before and by the same contacts.” The takeover took place on 5 January 2017. No jobs will be cut in this connection.
Computacenter designs, plans and manages the IT infrastructure of medium-size and large companies in every sector. The focus is on the IT workstations of the end-users. cITius is specialised in server/storage/virtualisation solutions as well as IT consulting. With its virtual-workplace solution workany®, the company is a trendsetter in the provision of managed virtual workplaces. “The portfolios of both companies fit together perfectly”, says Remo Rigoni, Managing Director of cITius. “We’ve been working well together for some time now already as partners, and have similar ideas about the corporate culture.”
D’Auria explains, “cITius was an interesting candidate for us above all because the company since its founding in 2011 has been successful with steady growth.” In 2016 the sales increase compared to 2015 was around 15 per cent. This means the company grew at about the same rate as in recent years. It was possible to gain numerous new customers, above all in the medium-sized segment. This included such companies as Berne-based TWINT AG and the Singen-based Maier Spedition GmbH in Germany. An important sales driver is the virtual-workplace solution workany®. In this business field cITius noted growth of around 25 per cent for the year 2016. The IT consulting area was significantly expanded. Here cITius is now also targeting the support of municipalities and cities (one example for this is the city of Wetzikon). Rigoni states, “In 2017 we will continue to concentrate on the marketing and further development of workany®, with particular focus on the integration of Office 365. Security and mobility will remain central themes. IT consulting will be further expanded. Always in focus are the gaining and above all retaining of customers.”

Computacenter (Switzerland) AG presents a new website

Dietikon, June 30, 2016 - One of the leading Swiss providers of IT and consulting services, Computacenter (Switzerland) AG, has a new website. Content, design and navigation have been revised and optimised to be more user-friendly.

Computacenter (Switzerland) AG designs, plans and manages the IT infrastructure of large and medium-sized companies in every sector. The company, which operates across Switzerland is part of an international group, and its new website is now available at The company's management decided to optimise the website and bring it into line with today's requirements at the end of 2015. The key objectives of the relaunch were to create a website which:
  • Communicates the products and services of Computacenter (Switzerland) AG in a structured and understandable manner.
  • Appeals to target audiences, in particular, medium-sized and large companies across Switzerland.
  • Offers simple and intuitive navigation that enables visitors to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.
  • Further evolves corporate design and introduces a visual language that represents the company in a professional and positive light.
  • Consistently features "responsive web design"; removes media gaps.
  • Is search engine optimised thanks to coding accuracy.
  • Is used as a news platform to inform customers and partners.
Massimiliano D`Auria, CEO of Computacenter (Switzerland) AG: "The new website of our company reflects our position as a leading Swiss provider of IT and consulting services. It has been designed to present our company, communicate information and provide our customers with reliable and professional service."

The website relaunch was a team project actively supervised by the Management Board. The implementation phase started in January 2016. The company invested in the structure/ design, coding, copywriting, translation/ multiple language versions and imagery. The images used on the individual pages were selected from around 400 photos (some 100 images for all the language versions D / E / FR / IT in total) to illustrate the respective sections.

Going forward, Antonello Struzzolino will be responsible for maintaining the website as the webmaster. As part of release management, he will collect, manage and where required, implement any change requests. He is also responsible for issuing news releases published by Computacenter (Switzerland) AG.

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